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If you are new to our area and schools are a top priority, below is a listing of some resources where you can compare schools in our area.

Following are some of the main public districts in the general area we represent.


At Caledonia Community Schools we value:

  •  the implementation of a comprehensive curriculum to prepare our students for college and career readiness
  • a learning environment that promotes the physical, social and emotional well-being for each student.
  • the opportunity to shape each student by modeling integrity, intentionally teaching character traits and encouraging a strong work ethic.
  • our community as a vital component of the educational process.  Our success is defined by the strength of our community.


East Grand Rapids Public Schools is located in the heart of a small neighborhood community in West Michigan. Three elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school provide approximately 3000 students with rigorous academic programs, excellent opportunities in the arts, and co-curricular activities that meet the developmental needs of the whole child. Our district stands out as a model of public school success and we have received many local, state, and national accolades, honors, and awards in our long history.


Forest Hills district serves over 10,000 students and includes 18 school buildings, a fine arts center, an aquatic building and senior center, and many more buildings to service our residents, families, students, and staff. The Forest Hills district is one of the largest geographic districts in Michigan, as it encompasses approximately 68 square miles.

Every year, we welcome new families and students to Forest Hills Public Schools. Although we service over 10,000 students, we pride ourselves on small class sizes. Our student to teacher ratio is typically 25:1 or less. We feel that moderately-sized schools with manageable size classrooms help the district feel smaller and enable us to stay more connected.

The staff at Forest Hills Public Schools is committed to knowing every student’s interests and gifts and providing educational opportunities that will maximize each student’s preparation for the future. In Forest Hills, our Board of Education leads the way in making every decision based on “what’s best for kids.”

Proof of our commitment to academic excellence can be found in the resources and programs available to students and their families.


Kent ISD is a regional educational service agency devoted to achievement for all students. We provide instructional and administrative services to more than 300 schools, 20 public districts, three non-public districts, and many public school academies and non-public schools within our boundaries. We serve the broader community by helping our schools prepare nearly 120,000 students for school and life success.

We help districts devote more dollars directly to the classroom by providing essential services, collaborative initiatives and valuable learning for the region’s students and teachers. Regional collaboration is the way we work, both with our school districts and our community partners. Together, we lead learning for the region.


High expectations are established for all students, whose number totals just under 4000, such as having 95% of our general education students achieving at grade level or beyond in reading and math. Research-based practices and data analysis, along with a strong focus on staff development, are used to enhance instruction and student achievement.

From our preschool programs through our Freshman Center courses and senior internships, LAS offers opportunities for all students to learn and excel at their own ability levels. Students are our priority!

Within our district’s boundaries are four elementary schools which are situated to serve families living north or south of the city of Lowell, as well as within the city limits. Our Middle School and High School are known for high academic standards and innovative programs. In addition, Unity High School offers a personalized alternative setting for grades 9-12. The Wittenbach/WegeAgriscience and Environmental Center provides science instruction and trails within a natural setting.


Welcome to Northview Public Schools! Northview is a wonderful place to live and learn. As one of the finest school districts in the state, we work in partnership with parents and the community to prepare competent, caring, respectful and confident young people. This means Northview and all of its schools are accredited and the Northview Public Schools District is recognized across the nation as a quality school system.

We are proud of our tradition of dedicated service to students and outstanding parent and community involvement in our programs. Our excellent reputation for high expectations and a responsible and well-disciplined student body makes Northview a truly effective and sought after school district.


The Rockford Public Schools District is located ten miles northeast of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Board of Education and staff are committed to providing a world-class education for all students. Our exemplary educational system is a result of the collaborative efforts of parents, students, school, and community. Together, we are providing opportunities for students to reach their full potential by providing a well-rounded educational experience.